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11:40 PM

Shutdown Search Indexing

Posted by Mr. azmie

Windows Vista Search Indexing is constantly checking the files on your system to make their information available for quick searching. This is helpful, but can severely slow system performance as the average user doesn’t use the search function frequently.

To shut down constant indexing:

1. Click the Start button
2. Select Computer
3. Right-click on the C: Drive icon
4. Select Properties
5. Select the General Tab
6. Uncheck Index this drive for faster searching

7. On the next dialog box, select Apply Changes to Drive C:, subfolders and files
8. Click OK
9. Good luck.


en_me said...

me tak pakey vista lagikkkss.. sodeyyy kannns

MisZ SuE said...

vista x bole support my notebook..

Anurdha weerarathne said...

great articel.but want some info