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12:39 AM

Windows Vista Tricks

Posted by Mr. azmie

Reduce Vista Boot Time with Advanced Boot Options Tip.

If you computer has a multiple core CPU , then you may try this small tip. With this, what you do is that you change the number of Processors that will be used during the boot up time. Multiple Core CPU's (Core Duo or Quad Core) may not actually increase the speed. It will only increase the number of processor cores which would be involved in the process. This is known to decrease the boot time.

I have tried it, and it did shave a few seconds off my boot time. See how much it helps you. If it doesn't help you, you can always reverse the changes.

Type msconfig in Vista's Start Menu search bar and hit Enter. Select the Boot Tab and click on the Advanced button.

Check the Number of processors box and see the drop down menu. Here select 2 or 4 as the case may be. Click OK > Apply > OK > Reboot. Now from the next reboot onwards you may see a difference. Some have seen their reboot time halve while some have found nil or minimal difference. You may have to disable the UAC.

To reverse the change, simply uncheck the Number of processors box, and Click OK > Apply > OK > Reboot


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